Data Scientist Salary In India 2023: Companies And Experience Levels


Data science is a dynamic field at the intersection of statistics, computer science, and domain expertise, focused on extracting valuable insights from vast datasets. Jeff Bezos emphasizes its significance, stating, “The most important raw material of all is data.” Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera and former Google Brain chief, advocates for data science’s potential, asserting, “AI is the new electricity.” Investing time in data science equips students for an evolving job market, driving innovation across industries. Explore the Data Scientist Salary in India for rewarding opportunities in this dynamic field. 

The Job Of A Data Scientist In 2023 In India

In 2023, Indian data scientists approach problem-solving comprehensively. They collaborate with stakeholders, transforming complex business challenges into data-driven solutions. Responsibilities include collecting and organizing relevant data, analyzing it for insights, and creating predictive models using machine learning algorithms. Creativity and domain expertise tailor models to specific business intricacies. Unlike machine learning engineers, data scientists focus on resolving business problems through data-driven insights, emphasizing essential skills such as machine learning, Python programming, statistical acumen, data storytelling, domain knowledge, and familiarity with BI tools. Enrolling in a data science course can further enhance proficiency in these areas 

Data Scientist Salary And Packages In India

In 2023, data scientist salaries in India vary based on experience, skills, and location. Freshers may start around ₹5 lakhs, while experienced professionals can earn over ₹24 lakhs. Experience is crucial, with each year enhancing pay. Skills such as AI/ML expertise and familiarity with cloud platforms are like standout performances, earning higher rewards. Industry-specific knowledge acts as a hidden asset, increasing its value. Location matters, with major cities like Delhi offering higher salaries. To secure a high data scientist salary in India, focus on gaining experience, honing skills, and acquiring domain knowledge in the right location. 

Top 10 Data Scientists Hiring Companies And Their Salaries In India

Data Analyst Salary in India (2023)

Data Analyst Salary in India.png

A data analyst analyzes and interprets complex data sets to provide insights, support decision-making, and identify trends for business improvement. Google offers job positions for data analysts. According to Glassdoor, data analyst’s salaries at Google can range from ₹1,00,010 – ₹36,00,000 per year.

Data Scientist Salary in India (2023)

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A data scientist utilizes advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to extract knowledge and insights from data. Google offers job positions for data scientists. According to Glassdoor, data scientist’s salaries at Google can range from ₹2,00,000 – ₹72,00,000 per year.

Applications Architect Salary in India (2023)

Applications Architect Salary in India.png

An applications architect designs and oversees the structure of software applications, ensuring they meet business needs and adhere to architectural standards. IBM offers job positions for application architects. According to AmbitionBox, IBM’s application architect’s salary in India ranges between ₹ 12.8 Lakhs to ₹ 48.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 29.9 Lakhs.

Data Architect Salary in India (2023)

Data Architect Salary in India.png

A data architect designs and manages the organization’s data infrastructure. They establish the framework for data storage, accessibility, and integration, ensuring data consistency, security, and efficiency. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer opportunities for data architects. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an Amazon data architect is ₹4,00,170.

Enterprise Architect Salary in India (2023)

Enterprise Architect Salary in India.png

An enterprise architect aligns business objectives with technology solutions, ensuring the overall IT architecture supports the organization’s strategy and goals for efficient operations. IBM offers job opportunities for enterprise architects. According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of an IBM Enterprise Architect is 36.3 Lakhs per year.

Infrastructure Architect Salary in India (2023)

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An infrastructure architect designs the IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, and systems. They focus on optimizing the organization’s technological backbone. Microsoft looks for infrastructure architects to assist in developing and implementing robust IT infrastructure. The average annual salary for architects at Microsoft is around Rs 31.9 lakhs, according to 6 Figr.

Statistician Salary in India (2023)

Statistician Salary in India .png

A statistician applies statistical theories and methods to collect, analyze, and interpret data, providing valuable insights for decision-making in various fields. One example of a company that offers jobs for statisticians is Pfizer. According to AmbitionBox, Pfizer Statistician salary in New Delhi ranges between ₹ 18.0 Lakhs to ₹ 22.0 Lakhs. 

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary in India (2023)

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary in India.png

A business intelligence analyst gathers and analyzes business data to produce actionable insights, reports, and dashboards, aiding in strategic planning and informed decision-making. One of the companies that hires BI analysts is Tableau Software. According to AmbitionBox, Tableau Analyst salary in India ranges between ₹ 3.0 Lakhs to ₹ 13.0 Lakhs. When considering the landscape of business intelligence tools, professionals often engage in discussions around Power BI vs Tableau.

Data Engineer Salary in India (2023)

Data Engineer Salary in India.png

A data engineer builds and maintains the architecture necessary for efficient data processing. They develop systems for data generation, transformation, and storage. Many companies hire data engineers. One prominent example is Amazon. According to AmbitionBox, the average Amazon data engineer salary is 23.3 Lakhs per year.

Quantitative Analyst Salary in India (2023)

Quantitative Analyst Salary in India.png

A quantitative analyst applies mathematical and statistical methods to financial and risk management problems, providing insights for investment strategies and decision-making in finance. An example of a company that offers jobs for quantitative analysts is Goldman Sachs. According to Glassdoor, quantitative analyst salaries at Goldman Sachs can range from ₹12,00,000 – ₹30,00,000 per year.


Entering the data science field demands a mix of technical expertise, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Ongoing learning is essential due to the field’s ever-evolving nature. Despite potential challenges, the future appears promising. Data science plays a vital role in various industries, driving demand for professionals skilled in deciphering complex datasets. The dynamic landscape ensures diverse opportunities, making it a valuable pursuit for those passionate about analytics and contributing to data-driven decision-making. Success hinges on dedication, adaptability, and a genuine enthusiasm for extracting insights from data.

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1. What is the salary of data science in India 2023?

Ans: – In 2023, data scientist salaries in India vary based on experience, skills, and location. Freshers may start around ₹5 lakhs, while experienced professionals can earn over ₹24 lakhs.

2. Is it worth becoming a data scientist in 2023?

Ans: – Whether data science is worth it in 2023 depends on your goals. It offers high earning potential, intellectual challenges, and career growth, but requires significant effort in learning and staying updated. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision based on your interests and circumstances.

3. Is data science a good career in India 2023?

Ans: – Yes, data science remains a strong career in India for 2023. High demand, good salaries, and diverse opportunities make it attractive. However, competition is growing, so staying sharp with skills and domain knowledge is key.

4. What is the salary of a 5 year data scientist in India?

Ans: – A 5-year data scientist in India can typically expect a salary in the range of ₹8-14 lakhs per year. This can vary depending on specific skills, experience, and company location.

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