How To Become A Data Scientist In India?: Achieve Your Data Scientist Dreams


Are you adept at addressing intricate problems and extracting valuable data from extensive information? If your answer is yes, consider a career in data science and discover how to become a Data Scientist in India.

Who is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is a multidisciplinary professional who uses various techniques and tools to analyse and interpret data, and make the most out of it to guide decision-making and solve complex problems. The increase in big data, together with the rise in technology in India, has increased the need of data scientists in recent years.


Formal Education

Formal education might not be always prerequisite, but it does equip you with the essential knowledge for a data science career. Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science (BCA/MCA), statistics, maths, or a related field will help you develop the required technical skills and knowledge of the domain.

Online Courses and Certifications (Self-Learning)

Geekster, Coursera, edX, Udacity are some of the websites that offer a wide range of Data Science courses from those that give an overview on essential concepts to those that require application of advanced machine learning algorithms. Therefore, it might prove beneficial to focus on these reputable certifications: 

  1. Google’s Digital Marketing Data Analytics Training
  2. Microsoft Certified: Data Scientist Associate at Azure.

Skills Needed

You will need to have knowledge about R or Python programming languages which are commonly used in the industry for data science tasks. For example, using Pandas and NumPy libraries for working with real-life examples of datasets and learning SQL to write database queries better.

Data science requires good knowledge of statistics and mathematics. You should also look into things like probability, hypothesis testing and regression analysis. Learning how to visualise data using Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries to strengthen your exploratory data analysis (EDA) skills is also necessary. Furthermore, learning the principles behind the machine learning algorithms might also prove beneficial. 

Building your Portfolio

Given below are some techniques which can equip you with a portfolio that will enable you to land a job as a data scientist: 

  • Internships: Internships are an excellent way to gain practical experience in the field.
  • Kaggle Competitions: Enhance your data science skills by participating in Kaggle competitions designed to solve real-world problems
  • Personal Projects: Building Chatbots , Fake news detectors, Credit card fraud Detectors etc.
  • Data Science Bootcamps: Opportunity for practising and improving skills through hands-on training, mentorship, and real-world projects. Prominent Indian bootcamps include. 
  • Participate in the open source projects: Working together and sharing your techniques and ideas or even starting your own open-source projects. Through this you not only gain new knowledge and enhance your skills but also set yourself as a member of the data science community that is highly valued in India.
  • Networking and Online Communities: Creating a robust professional network is a crucial point for the development of a career in data science. Join online communities like Kaggle forum and Data Science Central where you can talk to data scientists in India, ask questions and stay updated on the latest trends. Attend data science meetups, conferences, and webinars to build relationships with professionals who are working in the data science field. Showcase your work on a portfolio website for a comprehensive impact.


The salary of a Data scientist in India can go up to ₹ 27.9 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 14.4 Lakhs. Isn’t that fascinating? Data Science in India is an opportunity filled with acquisition, discovery, and unlimited scope. Through learning the relevant skills, you get to attain your dream job of being a data scientist. Engage the challenges, don’t stop learning and let data point the way in this fascinating profession.


Q1. How can I become a data scientist in India?

Ans: Being a data scientist in India is highly dependent on your skills – mathematics, fluency in programming languages such as Python or R, and domain expertise in relevant industries. Lifelong learning and networking are also important.

Q2. Is becoming a data scientist hard in India?

Ans: Yes, the way to become a data scientist in India is tough since it needs technical skills and there exists a fierce competition in the field, but it also carries a lot of opportunities within the growing tech industry of India.

Q3. Does data science require an IIT degree?

Ans: Data science doesn’t require an IIT degree but rather a strong base in mathematics, statistics, programming, and computer science. It solely depends on an individual’s passion towards being a Data Scientist.

Q4. What is your career goal as a data scientist?

Ans: Data scientist career goal is to identify the complex issues and prompt data-driven decision-making within the organisations through use of their knowledge. They are designed to help companies get ahead of the competition with innovative solutions for growth and profitability. 

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