Top 9 Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers Success


The concept of success, handling success, driving reasons, strengths, and flaws are some of the key interview questions that are commonly asked to recent graduates. These topics will be covered in-depth in this article. It offers example 10, 30, or 50-word responses to those questions that highlight ambition, adaptability, humility, and teamwork—essential qualities that employers look for in new personnel. Explore insightful Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher within the context of this comprehensive discussion.

(1) Tell me a about yourself.

This question “Tell me a about yourself” is meant to provide the interviewer an idea of your identity, upbringing, passions, and areas of interest. It’s a flexible approach that lets you share personal information with them.

Sample Answer: “Having grown up in a small town, I pursued engineering, worked at a software startup, and nurtured early mathematics and computer interests; now with analytical abilities, I aspire to apply machine learning to improve accessibility and healthcare.”

(2) What are your hobbies?

The purpose of this question is to let the interviewer learn more about your hobbies and personality outside of work. Your hobbies can provide information about your beliefs, interests, and personality in addition to your degree and work experience.

Sample Example:I like that photography lets me use my creativity and discover new areas. Through friendship, team sports like soccer help me unwind from work. I love to travel and explore new cultures and cuisines since I’m an adventurous person who needs both physical and cerebral stimulation.”

(3) Why do we hire you or how are you the right candidate for this job?

This question is intended to test your understanding of the job criteria and your ability to articulate to the interviewer how your qualifications—skills, experience, and motivations—make you the best candidate.

Sample Answer: “With over 7 years managing retail brand social media, I have the experience you need. My passion for sustainability and empowering artisans brings genuine enthusiasm along with expertise in analytics and strategy. My skills and values align with your mission, so I can elevate your social media presence.”

(4) Why do you want to work here and what do you know about this company?

This is asked by the interviewer in order to assess your interest and knowledge of the company. They don’t want just jobs; they want to hire people who are excited about the company’s mission and its goods and services

Sample Answer:I’m drawn to an analyst role here because I admire your AI innovations in supply chain efficiency to reduce waste as an industry leader. My passion for leveraging data analytics for sustainability makes me a strong cultural fit. This role would enable me to fully utilize my skills to contribute to your impressive growth.”

(5) What inspires you to come in for work every day?

The interviewer asks this question to find out what drives you and motivates you to work. They want to hire people who are motivated by the job’s elements other than just the paycheck.

Sample Answer:I’m inspired by innovating and solving challenges with agile teams. Analyzing data to find insights and create solutions motivates me. Opportunities to continuously grow skills, responsibilities and impact drive me. Utilizing my talents to contribute to success gives purpose. This role aligns with what inspires my best work.”

(6) What kind of salary do you expect?

To find out if your projected income is within the allocated range for the role, the interviewer will question you about your expected compensation. A person whose wage expectations are higher than what is realistic should not be hired.

Sample Answer: “Based on research and peer feedback, I’m targeting ₹8-10 lakhs annually salary for Full satck developer role. However, compensation depends on the complete package. If the total opportunity is a strong match, I’m sure we can agree on a fair salary in that market range, commensurate with the value I’d bring.”

(7) How long do you plan to remain with us and where do you see yourself in five years?

This question is intended to determine how interested you are in the position and company in the long run. Those that are enthusiastic about developing their careers there are the ones they wish to hire.

Sample Answer: “I’m eager to grow my career here long-term. In 5 years, through proven impact, I aim to take on far greater responsibility in a leadership role. This company’s culture, mission and growth trajectory make it ideal for significantly advancing my career over the next 5+ years.”

(8) What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

This question is meant to assess your ability to properly frame your strengths and limitations as well as your level of self-awareness. They are looking to find someone who can reduce or strengthen their deficiencies and who is aware of their true assets.

Sample Answer: “My greatest strengths are problem-solving, creativity and developing strong relationships. I’ve improved my tendency to overcommit when collaborating by learning to say no when overloaded. I aim to leverage my skills in analysis, innovation and relationship-building here while managing my weaknesses.”

(9) Do you have any questions?

This is a question the interviewer asks to provide you a hazard to get vital information that you want to assess the placement and business. It demonstrates your hobby and preference to ensure the location is a suitable match.Explore effective interview questions and answers for fresher candidates to enhance your preparation.

Sample Answer: “I’m curious about training and onboarding. Is a flexible schedule possible for work-life balance? What current challenges could I help the team tackle early on to demonstrate my value? I want to fully grasp the role’s needs so I can hit the ground running.”


The goal of the interview is to determine whether you are a true fit. Communicate your abilities and motives with honesty and confidence. If you prepare yourself, you may explain to the employer why employing you will be beneficial. Interviews should be treated more as intellectual discussions than like interrogations. This is definitely something you can easily handle! Explore essential Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher to enhance your preparation and showcase your suitability for the role.


Q1. What according to you is success?

Ans: Achieving goals that bring lasting fulfilment and positive impact.

Q2. How do you handle success?

Ans: With humility, by counting your blessings and paying it forward.

Q3. Why should I hire you as a fresher?

Ans: The answer to this question could be – “I am eager to learn, deliver, and grow within your organisation.”

Q4. What should I say in an interview about success?

Ans: You should say – “For me, success means achieving meaningful goals through ethical means and teamwork.”

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