20+ Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts To Boost Your Productivity

In this fast-paced world of data science career. Excel is one of the most powerful tools for data analysis & data management. But mastering it from scratch can be a very hectic and time-consuming process. But the good news is you don’t need several days or weeks to become an Excel Pro. With just a few essential excel Keyboard shortcuts, you can unlock the full potential of this powerful tool and make you very efficient in your data analysis skills, making it an invaluable asset for your data analytics course

In this Blog, We will explore list of Excel Keyboard shortcuts – 20+ Must Know Excel Keyboard shortcuts that will accelerate your data analysis skills and improve your productivity in Excel shortcut key.

Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts By Category

Navigation Shortcuts

Excel Navigation Shortcuts.png
1. Ctrl + Arrow KeysQuickly navigation through large space
2. Ctrl + SpacebarSelect the entire column containing the active cell
3. Shift + SpacebarSelect the entire row containg the active cell

1. Ctrl + Arrow Keys

Navigating through large spreadsheets can be a time-consuming task. Use the Ctrl key in combination with the arrow keys (up, down, left, or right) to quickly jump to the edges of your data. This is incredibly useful when you need to move to the last row or column with information.

2. Ctrl + Spacebar and Shift + Spacebar

Selecting cells or entire rows/columns is a common Excel task. Press Ctrl + Spacebar to select the entire column containing the active cell and Shift + Spacebar to select the entire row. This can save you the trouble of manually highlighting data.

Clipboard Shortcuts

Excel Clipboard Shortcuts.png
1. Ctrl + CCopy selected data
2. Ctrl + XCut selected data
3. Ctrl + VPaste data
Clipboard Shortcuts

1. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V

Copying (Ctrl + C), cutting (Ctrl + X), and pasting (Ctrl + V) are fundamental actions in Excel. Mastering these shortcuts can help you duplicate or move data quickly and accurately. You can also use Ctrl + Z to undo any changes if needed.

Formula and Data Management

1. Ctrl + EnterApply the same formula to multiple cells efficiently.
2. Ctrl + Shift + LApply or remove auto-filters for data filtering and sorting.
3. Alt + E, S, VConvert text to values or vice versa without formatting.
4. F2Quickly edit a cell.
5. Alt + EnterCreate line breaks in lengthy text within a cell for better organization.
6. Ctrl + 1Open the Format Cells dialog for precise cell formatting.
Excel keyboard shortcuts – Formula and Data Management

1. Ctrl + Enter 

Ctrl + Enter If you want to have the same formula applied to a bunch of different cells, just select them all and type the formula. This will place the formula in the top-left cell of the selection. Now, instead of pressing enter, press Ctrl+Enter. Excel will place the formula in all the cells.

2. Ctrl + Shift + L

Excel offers various built-in filters and sorting options. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + L(shortcut for Ms Excel) will instantly apply or remove auto-filters from your data, allowing you to filter, sort, and analyze your data efficiently.

3. Alt + E, S, V

When working with data, you often need to convert text to values or vice versa. Use the Alt key in combination with E, S, and V in sequence to paste values without formatting, ensuring your data is in the right format for analysis.

4. F2

To quickly edit a cell, select it and press F2. This saves you from the hassle of double-clicking the cell or navigating to the formula bar. It’s a simple but powerful time-saver.

5. Alt + Enter

When working with lengthy text in a cell, press Alt + Enter to create line breaks within the cell. This is useful for making your data more readable and organized, especially in comments or notes.

6. Ctrl + 1

Formatting cells can be a tedious task. Ctrl + 1(Ms Excel Keyboard shortcuts)  opens the Format Cells dialog, giving you precise control over cell formatting. This shortcut can save you time when customizing cell styles, borders, fonts, and more.

Formula Auditing

Formula Auditing.png
1. Ctrl + [Trace precedents (show cells that feed into the active cell).
2. Ctrl + ]Trace dependents (show cells that depend on the active cell).
Excel keyboard shortcuts – Formula Auditing

 1. Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ]

Auditing formulas in large worksheets can be challenging. Use Ctrl + [ to trace precedents (show cells that feed into the active cell) and Ctrl + ] to trace dependents (show cells that depend on the active cell). Additionally, Excel Trace Precedents provides a powerful tool to understand the flow of your data and detect errors more easily.

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts For Enhanced Excel Mastery

  • Workbook Shortcut Keys
workbook shortcut key.png
  • Cell Formating Shortcuts Keys
cell formatting shortcuts keys.png
  • Row And Column Formating Shortcut Key
row and column formatting shortcut keys.png

This section delves into a wide array of advanced keyboard shortcuts that go beyond the basics, focusing on workbook management, cell formatting, and precise row/column adjustments. Whether you’re an Excel enthusiast or a professional, these shortcuts are designed to elevate your productivity. Learn how to create, format, and navigate your workbooks with precision, empowering you to unlock the full potential of Excel. From text formatting to data organization, these shortcuts are your gateway to advanced Excel proficiency.


Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, and mastering these 10 shortcuts for MS Excel can significantly boost your efficiency and productivity. With these time-saving tricks, you can navigate, select, copy, and format data more quickly, allowing you to focus on the real analysis and decision-making aspects of your work. So, start practicing these shortcuts and watch your Excel skills soar to new heights!

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