What Are The Highest Paying Tech Jobs In India?

It jobs in demand 2022

The digital economy has become a buzzword in today’s world, especially after the 21st-century pandemic fall. This has increased the rank of jobs that aid the digital economy in one way or another. With this change in the landscape, newer roles have risen to prominence, such as Full stack Developers, Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers, AI Professionals, and a lot more. These are high salary jobs in India to know about.

1. Full Stack Developer

It made it to the top of our list for its versatility and usefulness. A full stack developer is desired in every industry imaginable. Full stack developers overlook the end-to-end process of website development and maintenance, making them a role needed everywhere.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this is the most sought-after profile in recent times when everything goes digital. The person of concern is responsible for handling both the frontend and backend tasks efficiently. Aspirants must hold efficiency in at least more than three programming languages up their sleeves. These are hired by startups and MNCs alike; wherein there is a demand for jobs in IT in India that can be responsible for product applications.

Full stack developer
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Full Stack Developer Skills To Get This Highest Salary Job:

  • Git and GitHub
  • Backend languages
  • Web Architecture
  • HTTP and REST

2. Data Scientists

As claimed by prominent industry gurus, data scientists are supposed to be the highest paying job in India in demand in 2023. Data science harnesses data by running analysis to bring desired business outcomes. 

Broadly, data scientists are responsible for fetching data and building and maintaining databases. Without them, the data lot will look nothing more than an unorganised and useless pile, as they clean, segregate, and compartmentalise data to make it more useful. The aspirants interested in this field of study possess a good aptitude for visualisation and analysis to have an upscaled trajectory in their career.

Data Scientists - highest paying Jobs in India
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Data Scientist Skills To Get This Highest Salary Job

  • Data Visualisation
  • Coding and data wrangling
  • ML and deep learning
  • Efficiency in tools like SQL, Apache Hive, and Spark 

3. AI Professionals

Though Artificial Intelligence isn’t a new field of study, it still lacks competent professionals who can effortlessly carry out their responsibilities. This has forced industries to hire the best in the crowd with the best salary possible. It became popular and will continue to be on the list of jobs in demand in 2023. AI professionals design machines to gain artificial intelligence, with their core tasks being to understand and create AI algorithms, programming, and more.

The increased need to find the best AI talent caters to the business’s need to possess optimised workflows and fast and seamless business results.

AI Professional Skills

  • Machine Learning
  • Neural network architectures
  • Computer vision
  • Python, JAVA, C++

4. DevOps Engineers

The last but not the least place in our list goes to DevOps engineers. With the post-pandemic situation, it is now more crucial than ever to upgrade telecommunicating practices across domains. DevOps engineers are highly desired to conduct a seamless software development process. This is one of the highest paying salary jobs in India.

This profile is responsible for supervising code releases and monitoring any inefficiency in the process by monitoring, troubleshooting, and configuring software as required. They monitor deployment and network operations by looking at and maintaining the seamless operations of the development team. In other words, these professionals are responsible for designing and updating the deployment infrastructure.

DevOps Engineer Skills

  • Coding and scripting
  • Understanding of tools like Git and Jenkins
  • Efficiency in Linux and UNIX system administration
  • Seamless communication skills

5. Blockchain Engineer

It has enabled sharing and distribution of information in public via the internet without the risk of being copied. Blockchain engineers are specialised professionals who harness blockchain technology to create and implement digital architecture and solutions for companies.

The need for the digital economy has changed drastically over the years, making the blockchain a key and essential innovator, mainly but not limited to the fintech industry. However, the job market is facing a severe shortage of talent who can do justice to this profession. Blockchain engineers may engage themselves in the data services firm or technology consulting firms. The role includes building and implementing accelerators and assets while assisting with the infrastructure setups to secure the applications.

Blockchain Engineer Skills:

  • Programming expertise
  • Understanding of Etherium, Ripple, Bitcoin technologies, and more
  • Efficiency in consensus methodologies
  • Security protocol stacks and crypto libraries

6. Project Manager

When we talk about IT jobs in demand with the highest salary jobs in 2023, project management might not be the first one to come to your mind.  But it will be safe to call it a promising career option in the industry after the full-stack development profile. This role came into high prominence after the evolution of the remote working environment. In this role, the candidate is required to lead a remote staff effortlessly, and this provides the highest paying salary jobs in India.

A project manager oversees the coordination and completion of projects within the desired time and budget. This includes assigning responsibilities to the team members, setting deadlines, monitoring the progress and finding loopholes when they appear, summarizing the project’s progress, and creating a report to be sent to the upper management. This professional stays in direct contact with the client and ensures resource availability and allocation.

Project Manager Skills:

  • Knowledge of different project management tools and techniques
  • verbal Communication
  • Risk Management
  • Critical Thinking Ability
  • Developing and tracking budget


Education and training are the best ways to gear up for the real working place. It is easier to set yourself apart from the crowd when you understand the nuances of Top tech jobs in demand for the future and the technical expertise needed to handle your job effectively. Therefore, it is wise to keep your eyes and ears open to the recent trends and developments in your desired industry and hone your technical and interpersonal skills according to the highest paying salary jobs in India in 2023. 

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