How To Craft A Winning Data Analyst Resume As A Fresher?

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Future of Jobs Report, there is a growing demand for data analysts, as well as scientists, app and software developers, who will be in high demand in 2023. For those looking to enter these fields, crafting an effective data analyst resume becomes increasingly crucial.

In recent years, there has been a shift toward adopting more powerful data analysis tools and computer languages, such as Python and R. As a result, make sure that your resume emphasizes your expertise in these areas, as well as your experience working with databases, data visualization tools, and analytical software. Displaying your capacity to adapt to industry trends can set you apart from other applicants. In this article, we will define data analysts, explore what they perform, and outline some pointers for building a successful data analyst resume for fresher, along with valuable resume tips.

Who Exactly Is A Data Analyst?

Data analysts are technical experts who interpret vast amounts of data. They work in a range of industries, assisting businesses in improving operational efficiency by giving concrete solutions. Data analysts often have a background in mathematics, science, or technology, which they use to efficiently assess important business information. They can operate at any level of the company hierarchy, from entry-level roles to senior consultants, depending on the industry.

What Are The Responsibilities Of Freshers Data Analysts?

During a normal workday, data analysts undertake a wide range of tasks. Here are some jobs that an entry-level data analyst might perform:

1. Data collection and Cleansing

Entry-level data analysts are often responsible for gathering and correcting information in a process known as cleaning so that it may be thoroughly evaluated. Analysts clean data by categorizing it and converting it into a format that their system can understand generally known as ETL- Extract, transform, and load.

2. Data examination

After the data has been cleaned, entry-level data analysts analyze and answer business questions. Marketing analysts, for example, may research target demographic data to get insights into the business’s target population.

3. Report Creation

Data analysts create documentation or presentations for a company’s senior analysts.·   Producing clear and informative reports assists their coworkers to better comprehending the important findings.

How To Create A Data Analyst Resume For Freshers

As the saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression.” Your resume is a golden ticket that can either make or damage your image in the eyes of companies. As a result, whether you are a new or experienced expert, a systematically prepared resume can help you land your ideal job. 

Here are some measures you may take to create an excellent resume for freshers:

1. Demonstrate your knowledge of programming languages.

Technical Skills
PythonData Structures and Algorithms
Machine LearningProbability and Statistics
SQLData Management

Data analysts with programming abilities in Python, R, or SQL are frequently sought by employers. Include other applicable tools (such as Tableau or Power BI), in the “Technical Skills” section of your CV, along with examples of projects that needed the use of these languages to successfully analyze and show data.

2. Emphasize related curriculum and projects

Instant Chat App | LukrastoOct 2021
i. Developed a Standard Messaging App Using StoryBloop ХА
ii. Improved User Experience During the Usage of the App by Eliminating Bugs
Weather App | LukrasoSept 2021
i. Collect and Analyse user sample Data from different Experience Levels of the App
ii. Make Recommendations on Improvement based on Analysis
iii. Supervise Implementations of Recommendations

As an fresher candidate, focus on related coursework, academic projects, or internships that include data analysis activities to demonstrate your abilities. Include examples of how you’ve used analytical techniques to solve problems or gain insights.

3. Provide a history of your employment

Policy Manager | Lexramax Inc Jan 2021-present
i. Formulate and review policies as regards Industry Improvement.
ii. Create a functional and technical application of set policies
Quality Control Engineer | KrystaPointe WaterJan 2019-Dec 2020
i. Collect and Analyse water samples from different stages of Production
ii. Make Recommendations on Improvement based on my analysis
iii. Supervise Implementations of Recommendations

Listing your employment experience allows the hiring manager to gain a better understanding of your professional competence. If you haven’t held any relevant positions, think about how each of your past jobs prepared you for this new one.

4. Strong Verbs of Action

data analys resume action verbs.png

Resumes must have powerful action verbs that quickly inform a recruiter of your position in a specific accomplishment related to data analysis, processing, and visualization. A resume format for data analysts should include action verbs like “Analyzed”, “Assessed”, or “Researched” effectively display data analyst skill sets. 


Data analysts have been in high demand in recent years. However, the sector is notoriously competitive, so aspiring data analysts must demonstrate how they can turn a data collection into valuable action. By following all of the suggestions for your resume you will be able to highlight all of your main talents and achievements, which may help you get the attention of employers. 

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