AngularJS vs ReactJS: The Best Framework For Web App Development

angular js and react js

Developing a project from scratch can be a daunting task, which is why businesses seek expert help for web app and mobile app development. These expert developers use various frameworks for developing the apps, especially using JavaScript. Let’s talk about AngularJS vs ReactJS: The Best Framework For Web App Development

Frameworks are collections of libraries that store codes for common features and tasks. This makes development easy because it is not required to code everything from scratch. Choosing the right web development framework makes a huge difference when it comes to Advanced Web Development. AngularJS and React JS are two high-performing and most preferred frameworks worldwide. 

But which is the best option to choose? In this article, we will provide comparative details about AngularJS and ReactJS to solve development challenges for you. Let’s begin with an understanding of What is ReactJS and AngularJS and will continue with the features of React JS and AngularJS.


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google. It is one of the most developed frameworks. It is mostly used for developing a single-page dynamic web application using HTML tags and syntaxes. 

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Features of AngularJS 

  1. Data-binding: AngularJS allows two-way data binding. This enables the automatic synchronization of data between view and model components. 
  2. Plain Old JavaScript Model: AngularJS uses Plain Old JavaScript objects which provide well-planned and spontaneous objects. This makes AngularJS easy to use and self-sufficient. 
  3. MVC framework: Model View Controller or MVC is a software design pattern for web app development. The Angular MVC architecture is very versatile, easy, and dynamic for developing client-side apps easy. 
  4. User Interface with HTML: The user interface in Angular is built on HTML. This declarative language has shorter tags and is easy to comprehend. It provides a structured, smooth, and organized interface. 
  5. Dependency injection: The dependency injection subsection in Angular helps developers to understand, create, and test applications easily. 
  6. Routing: Routing means transitioning from one view to another. Routing is the key aspect that enables developers to not redirect users to a new page when they click the menu. 
  7. Active community: Since Angular is developed by Google, it has an active community which means that in case of any issues, you will have support from many forums. 


Developed by Facebook, ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to build single-page applications. It is used to create UI components and simplifies advanced web development by dividing the webpage into single components. 

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Features of ReactJS

  1. JSX: JSX or JavaScript syntax extension allows writing JavaScript codes that look like HTML. 
  2. Components: React is made of multiple components which have their own logic and control. These components are reusable and help in maintaining code even in large-scale projects. 
  3. One-way data-binding: ReactJS follows one-way data binding which gives better control in the application. It requires additional features if the data flow in another direction because components are immutable and the data within them cannot be changed. 
  4. Virtual DOM: When any kind of modification is made in the application, the entire UI is re-rendered in virtual DOM. It checks for differences and makes changes between the previous DOM and the new DOM. This allows the app to be fast and also controls the wastage of memory. 
  5. Simplicity: The use of JSX files makes the app simple and easy to code. The components in React also make development easy as these are reusable. 
  6. Performance: The Virtual DOM makes the app faster and easy. DOM exists in memory. When we create a component, we create a virtual component that will be turned into DOM. This makes app performance fast and smooth. 

AngularJS vs ReactJS

AngularJS vs ReactJS: Which is the best choice of JS Framework?
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The evident differences between these two frameworks will help you to choose the ideal framework for your projects. 

1. Key Difference

Knowing the key Difference between AngularJS and React JS will help you to use them better. This helps you will save time and create a budget-friendly app. 

AngularJS works as a supporting structure. In Angular, your code defines the operation and takes the help of Angular structure. It is an MVC framework written in JavaScript. ReactJS offers pre-written codes that you can use for similar functions. 

2. Usability

Angular and React both have different strengths 

Angular is best suited for single-page applications that update a single view at one time. Angular can also be used for mobile app development with the help of additional frameworks. React can be used to create both single and multiple-page applications. However, it is best used for single-page applications that can update many views at a time. React can also be used to develop mobile apps using frameworks like React Native or Cordova.

3. Libraries

Libraries allow you to use pre-written codes.  thus saving you a lot of time, which would otherwise be spent on writing codes from scratch. 

AngularJS does not require external libraries and offers a great working experience as most of the required features are already included in the framework. React requires additional libraries for functions like component-based routing, data binding, project generation, form validation, dependency injection, etc.

4. Language

It is obviously crucial to learn languages for writing codes. 

Angular uses typescript and JavaScript. Typescript is used for large projects and makes code refactoring faster. React uses JavaScript along with JSX. React extends the ECMA script by using the JSX syntax, which is similar to HTML or XML. This allows React or JavaScript code to coexist with HTML or XHTML code.

5. Testing

For offering a seamless user experience, your application must be bug-free and tested to run smoothly. 

Angular requires a single tool to test and debug which makes this process very easy and simple. React requires some effort for testing and debugging. It requires a set of tools like Jest, Karma, Jasmine, etc. 

6. Data-binding

Data binding decides the number of watchers and the load on the browser. Therefore, data binding plays an important role in app performance.

Angular offers two-way binding which means that any changes made to the model affect the view and vice-versa. React supports one-way data binding this means that any change made to the model affects the view but any changes made to the view do not necessarily affect the model. 

A Brief Synopsis of the Comparative Analysis – AngularJS vs ReactJS

  • AngularJS vs ReactJS, Being a structural framework, Angular is best suited for developing dynamic web apps  while React is a JavaScript library that is best for creating UI components
  • AngularJS is based on MVC whereas React functions are based on virtual DOM
  • Angular uses Typescript while React uses JavaScript
  • React allows adding JavaScript library to the source code while Angular does not
  • Debugging and testing can be done using a single tool in Angular while in React it can be done using a different set of tools

When to choose AngularJS

  • When you want to achieve high productivity by using ready-to-use solutions 
  • App complexity is low to medium
  • When you want to create a fully functional enterprise-level app

When to choose ReactJS

  • When you are working on personalized app solutions
  • You want to create multiple event apps 
  • When you want to use shareable components 

Bottom line 

If we talk about AngularJS vs ReactJS, they are high-performing frameworks that provide comprehensive capabilities for web development applications. You can choose any of the frameworks based on your app’s requirements. If you are new to programming and don’t have a lot of coding experience, you can choose ReactJS. But if you are working on a large-scale product, need a full-fledged framework, and like to follow coding strategies then AngularJS is the right choice for you.

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